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    I personally think the amount of monsters spawning on all maps except CATA and Gobi desert are way too low. I should be training in much higher level maps but due to how little monsters spawn in Dark Marsh, Icy Land, Volcano, and Doomsday maps there is honestly no point in training there. Doomsday maps are a waste of xp boosters because i might be able to kill 70 monsters MAX as they only spawn in groups of 5-15 and the groups are pretty far apart from each other. Based on my bp i should be training in Icy land/Island/Volcano which are all pretty large maps but monsters spawn very far away from each other and at the same time not a lot of monsters spawn when you find a group of them. Dark marsh is Decent but monsters also have large gaps between them. Gobi spawn is perfect but after hundreds of thousands of kills it gets pretty boring especially since monster drops are lower level. Cata spawns are good but since you cant mount the best way to get kills is to randomly teleport instead of walking and killing.

    I feel if monster spawns were increased and evenly distributed throughout the map like gobi desert the game would not only be more fun, but players could actually enjoy all of the maps instead if just a few. It would make boss and bestiary hunting more fun, and it would make events more enjoyable as well because the few maps that spawn lots of monsters won’t be the only places to hunt.



    You’re right

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